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To my now 9th graders,

I'm sitting here doing my best not to cry now that you've all just left and not doing a very good job of it. (Priscilla, you didn't help by coming in just now but truly, I love you too.) I love you guys and I'm going to miss you dearly.

My one hope is that you'll stay in touch with me over the years and I can share in all the amazing things you're going to go on to do. I spent the last two nights with my AVID kids from 4 years ago who just graduated and being back with them was like they had never left. Hearing all the amazing colleges they are now going off to was awesome. As much as I'm going to miss you I look forward to sharing those times with you in 4 years. Your journey is far, far from over.

A special thank you to those of you who truly let me love you (you know who you are). I know on day 1, and maybe even up to like day 500 you didn't think it was possible, true or real but I really do love you. 

You have been one of the kindest, sweetest classes I've had. It was a real struggle to get you to see that in each other. I don't blame you. I blame our modern world. I blame your phones. It is just really hard to connect with people, I mean really connect with them, in our world now. These last couple weeks though have been a joy to behold. The way you guys have bonded with one another is the reason I'm failing to fight back tears. I'm so proud of you. Sure for your grades and hard work but for learning to learning to love. It's the hardest thing in this world I've ever had to learn and seeing it in you makes me a proud AVID Dad.

So again, thank you.

I love you,
Mr. Roughton

Students should be receiving a printed version of this application at their elementary school in a couple weeks. If you want to get a jump on everyone else and apply for AVID for next school year right now here's how! 

Option 1: Print out and do this on paper: JMS AVID Application -or- JMS AVID Application for Chromebooks.

Option 2: 

Step 1: Complete the online portion of the application here: JUSD Online AVID Application

Step 2: Answer these five written-response questions on a separate paper.

1. Why do you want to be in AVID?

2. Why should we accept you into our AVID program? Tell us how wonderful you are. 

3. What extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, church, etc.) are you involved in? 

4. Describe your plans for your future after high school. 

5. In AVID we are looking for leaders. Tell us about a time when you were a leader. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It could be a time doing group work or even doing something with your friends.

Step 3: Give your written answers to your 6th grade teacher along with the teacher recommendation form: 
AVID Student Recommendation (Try this one if the first doesn't work)

 (help your teacher, print it out for him or her!)

Step 4: Ask your teacher to mail both your completed written answers and the Student Recommendation Form to Kevin Roughton at Jurupa Middle School.

Applications are due April 30, 2017.

If you have any questions or if any links don't work for you please contact me via email. 

Still having problems getting the Application? Here's one last option, try clicking the down arrow below. Fingers crossed!
Kevin Roughton,
Mar 22, 2017, 7:00 AM