File Types

Getting heavily animated PowerPoints online isn't easy. I've tried to provide as many options as possible. Try them out and see what works best for you.

Download - Google Drive (Recommended)

I'd say the best way to get my files is to click on the "Download" links. That will open the file in Google Drive. From there you should click on File in the top-left corner and select Download. This will put the full .PPT file onto your computer. If you open it from there it will open in PowerPoint (not in a browser window) and you will be able to see all the proper animations. If anything looks "off" it is because you a missing a Font file that I used. Once you're in PowerPoint those are easily changed.

If you try to view the shows through Google Slides they are going to look awful. Google Slides simply does not allow for advanced animations and fonts. The sizing will be off, shapes will be misplaced and overall it is just a mess. Don't do it. If you are going to use the Drive links please download the file!

Online- Office 365 / One Drive (Experimental)
Starting with my Japan unit I'm trying out uploading the file to OneDrive in Office 365. The advantage of doing this is that, at least in Internet Explorer/Edge you can open the file directly and get most of the animations. It also handles timings and auto-animations which Google Slides cannot do. Basically, you should be able to view the file online almost exactly as you would if you used the download method above.

The advantage to doing in online this way is that you can give the links directly to students and they can view the shows on their own. While I'm not really an advocate of this (the shows are built to be hosted) it is an option I want to explore going forward as my school will be 1 to 1 next year. 

If you try this method I'd love to hear how it works (and doesn't.)

The only downside is that there doesn't appear to be a way I can let users download the files this way. I'll keep trying but for now if you want the original file for yourself you'll need to use the Drive link.

Video - Youtube / Vimeo

When I find the time I try to put the shows up and narrated videos. This allows students to access them on their own time and still have the "teacher voice" helping to fill in gaps. They can pause and rewatch as needed. This method isn't very useful for a whole class setting but if you are flipped or 1 to 1 this might be worth exploring. 

I'd have more of these posted but half the time when I do Youtube blocks them based on some ridiculous copyright claim so it is hard to be motivated to keep making them. I hope to do more over the Summer and post them to a more teacher-friendly site.