History Analysis: The Triumph of Death

Bellwork: Today we are going to analyze a painting titled The Triumph of Death. What do you think will be in the painting? Be specific.

Part 1: Analyze at your group’s part of the painting. Your group will be the experts on this part. Only use your group’s part to answer questions 1-5. You will teach the class about your part in 10 minutes. Only you will see it so make sure you explain in with great detail.

Group 1          Group 2        Group 3        Group 4        Group 5

Group 6          Group 7        Group 8        Group 9

1. Briefly describe your piece of the painting.

2. List three specific details that you think are important in your piece to show what is happening in it.

3. Imagine you are in this part of the painting. What do you hear? Smell? Feel? Taste? 

4. Describe one way that this part of the painting could help a historian learn more about life in the middle ages. 

5. What do you think the rest of the painting will look like based on the analysis of your piece?

Part 2: After the full painting is explained to you by the other groups answer the following:

6.What does the painter want us to think about when we look at this painting? How do you know?

7.Compare this painting to art today (music, movies, books, tv shows, paintings, …). Can you think of anything today that is similar to this painting?