History IMs

History Instant Messages

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Your task: Write out an instant message (IM) conversation between two historical figures about a given topic. It should be written in netspeak (lol, brb, ttyl, and smilies for example) and should show at least to some degree the opinions of each figure.

Your IM conversation must:

-include online names for each figure

-have at least 10 lines from each figure.

-discuss a historical event or topic in detail (“omg that’s 2 bad” isn’t detail!)

-give a sense of each figure’s opinions about the event. (It should read like a conversation not like one voice arguing with itself.)

-use netspeak when appropriate.

-use smilies when appropriate.


ImTheMan (Cassius): Yo Brutus, so are you in with us or not?

EtTuBrute (Brutus): I dunno C. Caesar’s like a dad 2 me. :-(

ImTheMan: IDC if he really iz ur dad. We’ve been over this. He’s gotta go before he takes over all of Rome. ><

EtTuBrute: Ya but do you rlly think he’ll do that? He’s been so good at fighting off Rome’s enemies.

ImTheMan: Dude that’s the prob. The people are all like crazy in luv with him and they’ll do anything he sez.

EtTuBrute: Ya so wut? That doesn’t mean we have 2 kill him rite? o.O

ImTheMan: Of course we do. We cant just like vote him out or something the peeps will be all like “no you didn’t!” and they’ll be mad at us.

EtTuBrute: Ya, I guess ur right we gotta do this. This aint about us though right C? This is about the people of Rome. =D

ImTheMan: Sure w/e Brutus this is about keeping the Senate in power wich helps the people. They need us!

EtTuBrute: k, so the plan is to all get him when he stands up ya?

ImTheMan: Yep, right there in the Senate so the people know this was about keeping the Republic. Well all do it too so they won’t be all mad at just one of us.