The Real World: Economics

PowerPoint Presentations

While these presentations will technically function in Google Slides, they work much better in PowerPoint. Download the file as a PowerPoint and run it from your Desktop for best results!

  1. Market Characteristics - A series of mini-activities and very brief notes about the various characteristics of a market economy such as property rights and competition.

  2. Market Fails - a look at what happens where a market doesn't work properly such as with externalities and public goods.

  3. Market Types (COMING WINTER 2022)

Activities and Lessons

  1. Introduction to Capitalism - Capitalism is great. I'm not afraid to say it and neither is this article. Help to counteract the growing narrative that, somehow, free markets are a problem by reading this article about Capitalism Facts and then comparing the U.S. economy to others around the world.

  2. Is Socialism Cool? (PearDeck) - no, but this lesson is!

  3. #EconomicGoals (PearDeck) - analyze and rank the major goals of an economy.

  4. Tropico! - students create the economy for a new island nation to demonstrate their understand of market goals and types. Then, they solve some problems using their newly created system!

  5. What in the World is Interest? *Highly Recommended* - Interest can be your friend or your enemy. In this lesson we learn from Futurama, The Simpsons and Dave Ramsey in order to make interest our friend and become multi-millionaires!

  6. Careers Presentation - What are Holland Codes and how can they help me hone my human capital?

  7. Career Spotlight - A career research project where students use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about careers they may not have considered before.

  8. The Wage is Right - A class game show where students learn about the potential incomes and growth of various careers.

  9. CYOA Learning Menu - learning menu based on this unit.

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