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Your Task: Imagine you were a specific person living in time of the current unit. Respond to how you might see each of the items below.


1.Write what person or type of person you are. (For example, Gladiator, Knight, Charlemagne, A Mayan Warrior, Japanese Court Lady, etc.)

2.Choose five of the items/things below that your person would have an opinion on.

-Nike shoes -An iPod with modern music -A female president -Your weekly chores

-Disneyland -All-You-Can-Eat Buffet -A history Textbook -Public school

-A tank -A helicopter -Your Shirt -A Laptop

-Army Soldier -Statue of Liberty -Cell phone -Stater Brothers

3.You may choose other modern objects or ideas that are not on this list if you wish.

4.Write three or four sentences for each object you choose that explain how the person would view the object or what they would think about it.

5.Write these as first-person sentences that show some information about the person and their civilization.


I am: A Roman Slave

Nike Shoes: These are very interesting sandals. They cover not just the bottom of your feet but the top. Wearing these would have made my life much easier. Walking around town delivering food would be so much more comfortable.

Public School: I don't understand how this can be called an education. You are supposed to just sit with a teacher and learn. These students are packed into a room with 35 people and whatever they are learning makes no sense to me. Still, I wish I could have had free education like these kids.

A History Textbook: I've never seen writing such as this. How can a person write so clearly and neatly page after page? How did such colors come to be in a manuscript? Maybe this was some kind of magic but surely no other tome like it exists in the world.

Army Soldier: Those are your warriors? Ha! Their armor is just cloth. How will that even protect them? And look at their weapons. Their long-swords don't even have a point. It just looks like a club with a handle for holding it. No wonder our Roman army is never defeated.

Stater Brothers: Our markets in the Forum were much larger. This place seems to have only a few merchants but we had dozens. Though this place has many kinds of foods they do not have any valuables for sale. In the Forum my master could buy gold and spices of all kinds. I guess we were simply wealthier than you.