Below you will find links to and descriptions of all the history assignments we use in Choose Your Own Adventure. Click on the individual assignment links to get the full instructions and printable worksheets. Any other missing assignments will be found in
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We have divided the assignments into 3 categories based on what skills you will use to complete them.

Detective: A detective closely examines historical facts and puts them together in many forms. They work with charts to present information clearly and logically. They enjoy answering questions and finding details.

Artist: An artist focuses on pictures to learn about the past. They produce drawings to present information to others in unique ways. They enjoy creating work that shows off their skill and talent.

Profiler: A profiler is mostly interested in people and how they think. They like to imagine themselves in historical situations and write about how they would have reacted. They usually present their information through short writings.

Specialist: A specialist in history uses all three of the above skills to create projects that appeal to many people. They are interested in all aspects of history and present their ideas in complex projects.

20-30 Minute (Half-Period) Assignments
5 points each




Acrostic Poem

A word from the unit is written vertically and then each letter is used to start each line of a descriptive poem. Usable in any unit.


Annotated Illustration

Draw a picture of a historical object and annotate it with captions.

Be The Thing

Write a short explanation of life experiences as if you were a particular object from history (for example: Da Vinci's paintbrush).


Complete a poem with a pre-made layout about a specific person (or group) in history. Requires detailed information about the figure.

Bumper Sticker

Create a bumper sticker about a specific topic. Usable in any unit. Requires high creativity.

Cause and Effect Chain

Describe two causes and two effects of a historical event. Requires an event with obvious causes and effects.


Complete a 5 section graphic organizer for the unit including review questions, key terms and a symbol.


Line Art

Using a picture with random shapes and scribbles, create a scene depicting something we studied in the unit. Highly recommended.

Day Planner

Write out the daily schedule for a person living in a historical civilization. This explains what a typical person in a civilization would do throughout their entire day.



Design the epitaph and gravestone for a famous figure. Requires some knowledge and/or research about the figure.

Report Card

Give grades to a historical figure based on certain subjects assigned by your teacher. Highly recommended.

In N' Out

Complete a graphic organizer highlighting the influences and contributions of a given society or person.

Picture Analysis

Answer a series of thought-provoking questions about a single photograph or piece of art.

Picture Frame

Create a graphic organizer in the shape of a picture frame about a historical figure.


Make a postcard as if you were visiting an ancient civilization.

Report Card

Give grades to a historical figure based on subjects assigned by the teacher. Highly recommended.



Write a summary of a historical event in the form of a text message to a friend.

Venn Diagram

Complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two historical figures, events or civilizations.

Wanted Poster

Create a wanted (or hero) poster for a figure in history.

You Are There Letter

Write a letter to a historical figure giving them advice on a problem they are facing.

50-60 Minute (Full Period) Assignments

10 points each




Brain Chain

List 10 imporant people, events, concepts, etc. and then create conceptual links between them in a graphic organizer.

Circle Summary

Complete a graphic organizer as a history unit summary. Requires the unit to be broken into 5 parts to work as shown here.

Comic Strip

Create a 3-5 panel comic strip showing an event from a historical period.

Flash Cards

Create flashcards for four key terms from a unit.

History IMs

Create an instant message conversation between two historical figures about a historic event.


Draw a map and add captions or small pictures to bring the map to life.


Draw a timeline and add captions or small pictures to bring it to life.

Introduction Speech

Write and recite an introductory speech for a historical figure. May require some extra research about the figure.


Create an invitation (the who, what, when, where, what to bring, etc.) to a historical event we studied during the unit.

Legal Brief

Write a legal defense for a historical figure who may have committed a crime.

Character Clash!

Complete two bio-poems side to side to highlight the similarities and differences between two historical figures or groups.

Recipe for a Civilization

Write a recipe with a list of ingredients it would take to create a given civilization or culture. This requires abstract or metaphorical thinking. If you don't know what "abstract" or "metaphorical" means, then do not attempt this assignment.

Song Rewrite

Rewrite the lyrics to a song to make them about a historical period.

Time Machine Transport yourself back in time and figure out what would happen to your age and gender in a given civilization.
Trading Cards

Create three trading cards for people, events or objects from a given unit. The cards each include basic information and a "relevance ranking." Try to collect them all! Courtesy of Mr. Woodside.

TV Guide Create a television channel line-up based on a recent unit. Decide what shows would be on to match up to the culture.

Worlds Collide

Draw pictures contrasting key points of two civilizations. One of the shorter full day assignments.

You Are

There Diary

Write a series of diary entries as if you were a certain historical figure going through an assigned event.

2 Hour (Two Period) Assignments

20 points each




Create a Crossword

Make your own crossword puzzle. Usable in any unit.


Create a Myspace page for a historical figure. Highly Recommended.

Picture Book

Create a children's book about a given topic.


Write and perform a short play about a historical event. Completed in pairs or small groups.


Write a creative fictional story using key terms and figures from the unit.


Create a storyboard layout for a movie based on a historical event.

Web Page

Create a web page about a specific topic from a unit.

Movie Madness

Use art and writing to recreate a given unit as a movie. You will design a movie poster and write a movie review.

One-pager (Magazine Cover)

Design a one page magazine-style cover for a section of the textbook.

Paper Bag Puppet

Create a puppet of a historical figure along with a list of statements that person would or did say.

Travel Brochure

Create a six-panel foldout brochure that highlights the history, hot spots, and accomodations of a society we have studied.

What If?

Flip the script on an event in history. Change one major detail from the event and then speculate as to what might change as a result. You will then show your results in a recreated textbook page.

Special Assignments (3-4 periods)

40 points each




A-Z History Book

Working with a partner create a picture book for 24-26 key terms from a unit, each starting with a different letter of the Alphabet.

Board Game Create a board game using historical information. Be creative and follow directions carefully.


Write a report on and build a model of a technological achievement from history.


Working with a group of 3 or 4 other students film a short newscast presentation on a historical event. Most of the work for this project will be done outside of class.


Working with a group of 3 or 4 other students create a newspaper with multiple articles and elements on a period in history.

Mind Map

Create a large word cluster using terms from a given unit. They write sentences explaining why you made certain connections. The Brain Chain assignment is a simplifed form of this one.

Slideshow Presentation

Create a Powerpoint presentation on a historical topic.

Text Twist!

Coming soon!