Picture Book

Picture Book
200 XP / 90 minutes

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Your task: Create a picture book (children’s book) detailing the most important information from a period in history. The book should be simple enough for a child to understand but should still include important historical information.

1. Stack two pieces of white paper, turn them sideways and fold them over. This will create 8 total pages including the front and back covers.
2. On the front cover write a title and your name.
3. On the 6 inside pages write your story.
     a. Each page must have 3 or more written sentences. These must be written using simple words that a child could understand.
     b. Each page must have a drawing (picture, symbol, map, graphic organizer [“bubbles”], etc. that must be colored.
     c. The topics should be chronological. That is, the events that happened first should be the beginning of the book.
4. On the back include a short summary of the book like you’d find on any other book.