Pop Culture

“Pop” Culture 
200 XP / 90 minutes

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Your Task: Created a 3-D pop up display that represents the most important things from a culture. It will look like the diagram below.

Set up:

- Fold the top side of a white paper to the bottom to divide it in half.
- Divide the top half into 3 columns. Do not divide the bottom half.
- Using another paper or an index card cut out an outline of a human like this:


1. On the bottom half of the paper draw and color a detailed map of the civilization.
2. On the human cut out draw and color clothing or armor that represents a well-known figure (or type of person like a priest or ninja) from the civilization.
3. In each of the 3 columns on the top half of the paper:
a. Write the name of one important thing (idea, invention, person, place, religion, etc.) from the culture
b. Draw and color a picture representing that thing.
c. Write three sentences providing facts about that thing.
4. Tape or staple the “FOLD” section of the human figure onto the map.