Brain Chain

Brain Chain
100 XP / 25 Mins

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Your Task:  Make connections between important concepts and vocabulary from the unit.


  1. Make a chart like the example below on your own paper with 15 boxes under the Concepts column, not just 4.
  2. Create a list of 15 people, concepts, terms, or locations in the “Concepts” column below. These can be any terms related to the unit. For Rome you could put Italy, aqueduct, citizen, gladiators, roads, Constantine, etc.

Five of your words must be taken from this list of general history terms:

Contributed               Primary                       Develop                      Ensure

  Stable                       Climate                       Unify                          Throughout

  Resources                 Provided                     Throughout                 Benefit

  1. Then, in the “Links” column, write a sentence or two explaining how each pair of terms is connected. For example, if you had a link of citizen and gladiator you might write: “Gladiators were often slaves who fought to earn their freedom; they could even earn enough money to become a citizen.”


***Remember: When you are done you must have 15 concepts and 14 sentence links!***