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Rome 1 -Beginning   A look at how Rome rose to become such a powerful empire with a combination of a brutal military and advanced technology.Office 365Google
Rome 2 -Christianity Behind the scenes in Rome a new faith was growing. We'll see how Christians went from a hated minority to leading the Empire.Office 365Google Drive x
Rome 3 -Emperors Rome is remembered for many of it's powerful emperors. We'll focus in on Augustus, Trajan and Constantine.Office 365Google Drivex

Roman Empire Lecture Notes (old)


1. Digging for the Truth: Pompeii - An inquiry-based introduction to Rome where students examine a series of artifacts buried in the ruins of Pompeii to make predictions about what the Roman Empire was like.

2. Roman Empire Walkthru - Short introductory worksheet using only the graphics in Holt's Medieval to Early Modern Times textbook. (Collect)

3. Rome: Quest for Knowledge - More in-depth worksheet using Holt's text. (Collect)

4. A Day in Pompeii (Part 2) - Stations-based lab where students act out the roles of various people in Pompeii... but what's that in the background? (Collect)

5. Rome Culture Shock (Part 1: Opera, Part 2: Barbarian Ordeals, Part 3: Barbarian Ordeals Quiz) - The idea behind the Culture Shock labs is to give students a taste of the culture of the civilization. This is done through a series of mini-labs sometimes in groups. This particular one works best as a whole class activity. The first lab gives students a taste of opera (though I am well aware this came around long after the Roman Empire) and Latin. Upon entry I have some stereotypical opera playing and students respond to whether they like it or not. I then play O Fortuna from Carmina Burana (which is a much more interesting opera piece) and have them complete the worksheet. In the second lab students read a short passage about barbarian laws and then take a 10 question "quiz" on the material. To determine the answers to the questions students volunteer to complete "ordeals" in the classroom such as balancing a book on their head or doing pushups. If they succeed, whatever answer that student put is correct (even if everyone else knows it is wrong!) If they fail, whatever they put is wrong. (Collect)

6. Rome Study Guide - In-depth review activity on Rome.

7. Rome Notes Guide - Short fill-in sheet to review the Rome notes.

8. History Mystery: Caesar - Students investigate the assassination of Julius Caesar by weighing 8 different pieces of evidence. Visually stimulating, highly engaging and perfect for Common Core. (Consider)

9. A Day in Rome - A scripted lab where students are taken back in time to experience a day in Rome.[Teacher Script] [Student Worksheet] (Consider)

10. Rome Dossiers - A collaborative investigation into the question of who was responsible for the death of Jesus. Students analyze information sheets for each of the three main players in the Crucifixion and debate who was most responsible. (Consider)

11. Rome DBQ - A document based question exploring how similar the Roman Empire is to the United States is today. Documents (Consider)

12. Roman Adventure - A Choose-your-own-Adventure style game for the whole class to review the Roman Empire. My students absolutely love this one (even if I'm honestly not sure why.) Works best if you have some sort of point system for classroom management and rewards.

13. Weigh the Evidence: Rome - In this lab built for The Common Core students examine a series of sources to determine if Rome left the world with a positive legacy. This lab focuses on the skill of source reliability by asking students to rate how believable and useful each source is before making their final conclusions. (Consider)

14. Provide or Conquer? Fall of Rome Decision Making Game - This one looks a bit intimidating but download it and run through - it really isn't that hard to run. Use the Score Tracker Excel sheet to make it a breeze. Here is an instruction sheet to give you step by step directions if you want it.

Kids love this one! They take on the role of Roman Emperors making decisions to try to grow their nation but face constant challenges along the way.  DOWNLOAD the file, do not run through Google Slides!

Media Guide

Looking to spice up your Rome PowerPoints? Here's some great sources for media.


DVDExcellent film for showing off the grandeur of the empire. It is rated R but there are many scenes that are usable nonetheless. I typically show the early battle between the Romans and the barbarians to give student a sense of Roman organization.

Pompeii: The Last Day

DVDDiscovery channel documentary bordering on docudrama retelling the events of Pompeii. There are dozens of Pompeii films out there but this one is the best. Very entertaining and educational. Some questionable content as the film is very honest about Roman lifestyles.

Ben Hur

DVDI use only the chariot race scene but it alone is worth picking up the movie. No better recreation of a chariot race has been done that I've seen.


DVDWhen I was in school we watched the whole movie. Now I only show the opening scene to give a sense of Roman slavery.
Unsolved History: Colosseum
DVDA solid episode from an incredible series. I often show this entire episode. Discusses the building and uses of the Colosseum as well as examining whether or not it was ever flooded for mock naval battles as is often believed.

Gladiator: Bloodsport of the Colosseum

DVDAnother documentary that I have shown in its entirety. Filled with some nice lesser known facts about the Gladiators and presented in a fairly interesting manner.Included with Pompeii: The Last Day! Here's a Worksheet to go along with it.

Rome: Engineering an Empire

DVDHighly recommended (I recommend the entire series) documentary retelling most of Rome's key points in history from the perspective of technology. I would not likely show the whole thing but in parts it is stellar. If you've never seen this series, you're missing out. Plus, it is hosted by Robocop.

O Fortuna

SongA somewhat modern opera (1935) song that I use to expose students to Latin and to dispel some of their misconceptions about opera. Makes for a great lesson.

The Dark Ages

DVDDocumentary primarily about the Dark Ages (duh) but with a great summary of the fall of the empire. You'll want to use this during your Dark Ages unit anyway so definitely worth picking up.

Encyclopedia of the Roman World

BookFantastic book for elementary or middle school students. Good information and wonderful pictures broken down by topic.

Ancient Rome (Eyewitness) 

BookAnother excellent book for younger students. Not quite as comprehensive as the book above but arguably more interesting. Filled with wonderful pictures and graphics. The entire Eyewitness series is great.

Monty Python: The Life of Brian

DVDThere is a scene in the movie where a group of would be rebels get together to discuss why they are going against Rome. It results in a hilarious presentation of Roman contributions to her provinces. Definitely worthwhile.
You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman GladiatorBookThis entire series is wonderful. It looks at the less glamorous sides of history and is perfect for a middle school classroom library. The books are short, easy to read and wonderfully illustrated. I have over 10 books from the series and love them all.

You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Soldier

BookSee above.



DVD2 DVD set with one episode in particular I recommend. One of them is about a Roman doctor named Galen and the rather incredible things he did for medicine centuries ago. I use only clips but this episode could easily be shown in full. Very good for middle school with lots of cringe-worthy moments! The other stuff is mostly pre-medieval but there some useful China information as well.

Star Wars: Episode 1

DVD"Huh?!" Few fun clips here just to show how history influences modern culture. The pod race scenes compares nicely to the chariot race from Ben Hur and the galactic senate scenes match up with scenes from Empire.