Media Guide
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The Matrix

DVD I show the scene of Neo meeting with Morpheus to discuss whether or not the "truth" is worth knowing. This sets the theme that I use throughout the unit. The movie is rated R but the scene I show is G at worst.
DVD There isn't much out there in terms of interesting Galileo documentaries but this one isn't awful. I wouldn't show the whole thing by any means but there a couple worthwhile clips.

Animaniacs Season 1: Fair Game

DVD While this clip scores low on educational value I've found few other ways to make Newton interesting. This clip has the Warners playing a quiz game where they answer every question with "Isaac Newton" until, of course, a question about gravity is asked.

Galileo and the Sinful Spyglass

DVD Another good Galileo documentary. This is from the "Man, Moment, Machine" series from the History Channel and is very well done. Arguably usable in full and definitely usable in pieces. Good reenactments and some basic recreations of Galileo's experiments are a nice touch.
Great Scientists: Galileo TV Easily the most entertaining Galileo documentary out there but sadly not available on DVD in the U.S. I caught it on History Channel Classroom one day and have hoped for a DVD ever since. It is only about 25 minutes and is just plain fun to watch. If you can find this I highly recommended picking it up. If you are in the U.K. you can get the dvd as an entire series.

Simpsons Season 10: They Saved Lisa's Brain

DVD Probably not worth buying for this alone but if you already have it then there is a clip in this episode of Comic Book Guy pretending to be Copernicus proclaiming "Verily I declare that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not t'other way round!"
Weird Science Song Soundtrack to the movie contains the Oingo Boingo song "Weird Science" which will easily find itself into your lecture notes at least once.

Scientific Revolution Teacher's Guide


1. Scientific Revolution Walkthru - Overview assignment using the graphics in the textbook.

2. HAM: Ptolemy and Scientific Thought - Introductory primary source analysis where students read over Ptolemy's rationale for the non-movement of the Earth and then make conjectures about scientific theories based on personal experience. 

3. Tell The Truth: Galileo - A scripted play/gameshow where students ask questions of 3 potential Galileos to determine who the "real" one is.

4. DBQ: Reformation vs. Scientific Revolution - Document analysis centered around the question "Which was a bigger threat to the Catholic Church the Reformation or the Scientific Revolution?"

I. The Scientific Method
a. Covers some of the basic causes of the revolution and the introduction of the scientific method. A short discussion of the Christian church's role and position in this is also here.
II. Galileo (and some other guys)
a. These notes really just tell the story of Galileo. Copernicus and Newton are mentioned in brief but Galileo's experiments and interactions with the church are the focus.
b. Galileo: To Tell The Truth - This is a class play/mystery that is a variation on the old game show. In it students ask pre-written questions (they are available in the link above) to 3 panelists who then answer the questions (which are also in the link.) By listening carefully to the 3 panelists students should be able to figure out which is the "real" Galilleo by the end.