Medieval Europe Powerpoint Presentations

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The Church
See how the Dark Ages began with a collapse of technology,society and government. Then see how the Christian Church rose to start to help rebuild. We focus on the story of the well-known monk St. Benedict.


The Kings
It wasn't just the church seeking to rebuild Europe. Powerful rulers started to rise up and claim the lands of the former Roman Empire. We will focus on one of those kings: Charlemagne. 


All the rebuilding fell apart with the arrival of Viking invaders. Europe turned to a new style of government called feudalism for protection. Featuring a special appearance by knight-turned-peasant Robin Hood.


Crusades and Carta
While many knights and kings were off fighting to regain the Holy Land in the Crusades King John was being pushed around by his own nobles. He signed one of the most important documents in history, the Magna Carta.


The Black Death
No amount of knights, prayer or new freedoms could stop one of the worst disease outbreaks in history. Could Europe ever recover from such a devastating plague? Let's find out!


Dark Ages Notes (old)


1. Crumbling Kingdom - a one-hour lab simulating what it would be like to live in a civilization that was collapsing around you.

2. Culture Shock: Dark Ages - a collection of 5 mini-activities showing how one might go about rebuilding a fallen society.

3. Dark Ages Walkthru - a one-hour worksheet based on the images found in the textbook.

4. Feudalism Lab - a one-hour lab simulating life in a feudal society.

5. Charlemagne Bias Lab - Two readings on Charlemagne that mirror one another. Read them both to see how bias can greatly affect our view of a historical figure.  Doc 1    Doc 2 (Common Core Ready - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.6-8.6 )

6. Walkthru: Late Middle Ages

7. History vs. Hollywood: Kingdom of Heaven - Questions based on the History Channel documentary.

8. Crusades Simulation Lab (Pope Urban's SpeechTeacher's GuideScriptFate LettersStudent Hand out) - Experiential lab where students are taken on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to experience what life was really like on Crusade.

9. History Mystery: The Black Death - History analysis activity where students try to determine what was spreading the Black Death throughout England. (Common Core Ready - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.6-8.7)

10. Castle Builder - Fun activity where students design their own castle blueprints and then "attack" each other.

11. Medieval Dossiers: Richard vs. John - History analysis activity where students examine fact sheets on King Richard and King John to determine if the popular understanding of the two men is fact or fiction. (HA Skill: Interpreting documents)

12. Weigh the Evidence: Robin Hood - History analysis activity where students examine a series of exhibits relating to the existence of Robin Hood. Each is exhibit is "weighed" based on its relevance and validity so that a proper conclusion can be drawn. (Common Core Ready - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.6-8.7)
13. Middle Ages Strategy Guide - Review sheet covering the Dark Ages and Late Middle Ages.

14. A Day in Medieval Europe - A guided tour through a day in Medieval Europe using video, sound, pictures and imagination. Teachers follow a script while students complete a journal. Here is the PPT file (it is big and some of of the videos are not there for size/copyright reasons but it is a good start.)

Media Guide

The Dark Ages

DVDFantastic documentary from the History Channel. It is broken up into easily chunked segments and covers a variety of topics that are ignored elsewhere. It is entertaining and contains a ton of information but it is long. As a result I only use pieces of it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

DVDAbsolutely not classroom appropriate taken as a whole movie. That said, there are some great scenes that bring some much needed humor to topics like the black death, religious zeal and war. This is especially fun when it is mixed in with very serious clips and notes and given no introduction or hint that something funny is coming.
Terry Jones' Medieval LivesDVDThere are multiple episodes but really the only one I use is the one on peasants. Jones' understated description of the medieval staple food pottage is utterly brilliant ("it's fairly disgusting..."). Entertaining in small doses but often hard for my students to follow due to the accent.

Terry Jones' The Crusades

DVDVery similar to the Medieval Lives series only a much more focused topic. Great information and interesting presentation though the accent issue remains. Again, wonderful in small doses. More useful for Late Middle Ages but there are some good points about society that fit in with the earlier period.
Castles and DungeonsDVDGreat episode of the history channel series Modern Marvels. I show about an 8 minute piece that details all the traps an attacker would face in trying to take over a castle.

Knight's Tale

DVDVery good movie for entertainment value, not so much for education. I show the joust scene when I discuss entertainment options in Medieval Europe.
Simpsons Season 13DVDThis season has two great episodes. Tales from the Public Domain has Simpsonized tellings of the story of Joan of Arc AND Hamlet. Both require minor editing for content but are very well done. I use the Hamlet part when I discuss Shakespeare in the Renaissance unit later.

Family Guy Vol. 2: Mr. Saturday Knight

DVDPeter signs up for the local Renaissance faire and hilarity ensues. Contains one of my favorite history references in modern pop culture as Peter's trainer yells at him "YOU LOVE THE MIDDLE AGES DON'T YOU?!" and he replies "Sir, yes sir!" The joust scene itself requires some edits to be classroom ready.


DVDI show the short Robin Hood clip in my Robin Hood notes and a clip of Shrek saving the princess when we discuss the fiction versus reality of knights.
The Worst Jobs in HistoryVideoNot currently available for purchase that I've found but if you can get your hands on it do so. This is an absolute must for a middle school classroom. I've linked to a YouTube clip of one of the episodes that shows the job of fuller. Definite can't miss!

Masters of Chant

CDThis is a collection of semi-modern (mostly from the 90s) songs done in Gregorian chants. Many of them do have a new agey sort of chimes and bells background to them which does damper the historic comparissons a bit but this is a great way to introduce students to medieval music. I like to put the songs on during passing period throughout the unit to give the students a reason to come to class early.


DVDUnique documentary that is half live "action" and half animated. The animated segments are interesting in short bursts but the live stuff is largely dated and looks it. Some of it is useful, however and this is worth having in a classroom collection.


DVDVery similar to Cathedral above but since there are so many other videos out there about castles you could skip over it, still good though.