TXT MSG SUMRE (Text Message Summary)
50 XP/ 25 minutes

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Ur Task: imagin ur sendg a sumre of a historical event 2 a friend via txt msg wrt ^ the sumre in txt msgn lang including all appropriate abbreviations n smilies. Pretend u r directly involved in the event.

(Imagine you’re sending a summary of a historical event to a friend via text message; write up the summary in text messaging language including all appropriate abbreviations and smilies. Pretend you are directly involved in the event.)

Your summary must:
-include abbreviated words where appropriate.
-include all key points of the event.
-be short and to the point but at least one paragraph.
-be written in a friendly way as if you were personally involved.
-include the regular, non-text message version.


OMG did u hear wut hapnd 2 Caesar?! Sum of his closest friends iced him ryt OTF of the sen8. I hurd dat wuz all coz Cassius wz jLs. I culdnt bleeve it bt I hurd dat brutus wuz nvolvD 2. I cant bleeve it I luv Caesar so much. I 1ndr if he luvs M2. lol :-)

Oh my goodness! Did you hear what happened to Caesar? Some of his closest friends killed him right on the floor of the senate. I heard that it was all because Cassius was jealous. I couldn't believe it but I heard that Brutus was involved too. I can't believe it. I love Caesar so much. I wonder if he loves me too.