U.S. History Units

 Liberty or Death: The Story of the American Revolution - From the discoveries of Columbus to the rise  of self-government in the Reformation we look at the influences that ultimately led to the Revolutionary War. We then look into the causes, battles and events immediately following the Revolutionary War including the Declaration of Independence.

Essential Question: Were the colonists right to go to war with Britain?

-Weigh the Evidence: The Boston Massacre
-Categorizing the Colonies
-Did It Happen?: Pocahontas
-History Mystery: Lost Colony of Roanoke
-Declaration Break Down

Creating the Constitution - Starting with the failed Articles of Confederation this unit looks at how the Constitution ultimately arose out of great compromise and guided the direction the direction of this country. We will look closely at the Articles as well and the powers assigned to states and local governments. We will close with an in-depth look at our rights as defined in the Bill of the Rights. 

Essential Question: Should the Constitution have been ratified as originally written without the promise of a Bill of Rights?

-How Governments Work Experiential Exercise                        
-Constitutional Convention Simulation          
-Preamble: Draft vs. Final                            
-Stations: The Anti-Federalists
-You Be the Judge
-Super Hero Branches

American Heroes: The Presidents - A look into the lives, policies and 
notable events of the first four presidents of the United States. Includes a look at the explorations of Lewis and Clark as well as the events of the war of 1812. 

Essential Question: Which of the early presidents should be classified as heroes?

-Weigh the Evidence: Washington
-Whiskey Rebellion: What Would George Do?
-HA: Washington's Farewell Address
-Which Party are You?
-Problem Solvers: Party Edition
-History Mystery: The Death of Meriwether Lewis
-HA: Sedition Act
-You Decide: War of 1812
-HA: The Star Spangled Banner
-Weigh the Evidence: The War of 1812

Jackson and The West - What do you do once you've proven you can hang with the big boys? Expand your territory of course! Starting with the Jackson presidency this unit looks at the rapid growth of the United States as it pushed west from the 1820s to 1850s.

Essential Question: How and why did the west become such a focal point for the United States in the first half of the 19th century?

-Historical Analysis: Bias - Andrew Jackson
-Jackson in Pictures
-Jackson Stations
-Trail of Tears Simulation
-Culture Shock: The West
-Western Expansion DBQ
-Western Dossiers

Division: North Vs. South - In the midst of growing American unity and strength over the first 75 years of our existence as a nation cracks were beginning to form. The North and South grew in very different ways. The North organized around business, cities and shipping. The South ran on farms, often worked by slave labor. In this unit we'll find out if those differences were just too big.

Essential Question: In what ways were the regions of the early United States different from one another?

- Industrialization Experiential Exercise
- Dossiers: Reformers
- Declaration of Sentiments: Mockery or Model?
- HA: Uncle Tom's Cabin
- North & South Stations
- Follow the Drinking Gourd (or the Blinking Ford?)
- North & South DBQ

The Civil War
- Nearly 100 years of conflicts and arguments over slavery and economics have led to this. What will the United States actually be? Can the Constitution withstand its greatest challenge yet?

Essential Question: How did the United States struggle to stay together despite its massive regional differences?

-HA: A Personal Letter
-Secession Stations
-Surviving Vicksburg