Teach with Magic

Using the techniques of the Disney Imagineers in our classrooms

Teach with Magic LIVE! Upcoming Events

None currently thanks to the general uncertainty in which we now all live.

If you missed the last show at the California Council for the Social Studies State Conference you can download the presentation here!

What's New?

3/2/20 - Posters! I've added a link to my classroom poster templates. Enjoy!

1/31/20 - New Activity: Resistance: Decoded - A Mayan Breakout

12/02/19 - Keep it Up!

11/18/19 - The Comedic Power of Absurdity (The Scientific Revolution is hilarious!)

10/21/19 - DFTT: Florence added to Transformation assignments.

10/9/19 - Fun with Costumes!; More tons of fun to make magic!

9/28/19 - Barbarian Kingdoms; For every ounce of treatment, add a ton of fun!