Teach with Magic

Using the techniques of the Disney Imagineers in our classrooms

What's New?

9/19/19 - One Story At a Time; How do I organize my individual periods?

8/7/19 - The First Negative 1 Minute; Why wait until the first day starts to make a great impression?

7/21/19 - Avoiding Overload in Simulations; How can we make complex activities function better with all of our students?

7/20/19 - Added the Games and Sims page for easy access to, well, games and simulations, duh.

7/16/19 - Know your Audience: Part 1; What could we do if we truly go to know our audience?

6/30/19 - Simple Wienies through Writing; How can we use text descriptions to draw interest in our classrooms?