Teach with Magic

How to use the techniques of the Disney Imagineers in our classrooms

Teach with Magic LIVE! Events

Making Magical Moments In a Virtual Environment - Show on the 3 aspects of creating a magical guest (student experience). Watch the recording!

If you missed the last show at the California Council for the Social Studies State Conference you can download the presentation here!

Here's a link to the Teach with Magic virtual session I did in May. Watch the replay!

Here's the follow up Behind the Magic virtual session. The audio is a bit off at the start, it is fixed by the 10 minute mark. Watch it!

What's New?

10/9/2020 - SEL matters now?! Sweet! Inside Out provides the best SEL your students will ever get. Find out how! (Could a new page be coming to the site?! MAYBE!)

7/7/2020 - Distanced learning has been mandated by my district. Are we ready? Nope. Here's what we need to do.

7/6/2020 - Posted (finally) the video recording of my last presentation on how to visually spice up your digital presentations. Need a presenter for your virtual trainings? Let me know!

6/8/2020 - The 2020 Kevie Awards have begun! Time to reflect on a very strange year.

3/2/20 - Posters! I've added a link to my classroom poster templates. Enjoy!

1/31/20 - New Activity: Resistance: Decoded - A Mayan Breakout

12/02/19 - Keep it Up!

11/18/19 - The Comedic Power of Absurdity (The Scientific Revolution is hilarious!)

10/21/19 - DFTT: Florence added to Transformation assignments.