Lessons designed for social emotional learning opportunities such as homeroom or advisory.

Cooperation & Collaboration

Learn how to work as a team with these fun activities and games.

Inside Outivities

A look at how to understand our emotions and those of others using Disney's Inside Out as our guide.

Being Thankful

Gratitude is good for you (and others!) Lessons on understanding why we should be more grateful thank we think.

College Knowledge

Of course kids want to go to college, but what does that even mean? Unit on understanding what college is and how to pick the right one.

This is Your Life

Create a scrapbook of your future so you know exactly where you're going and can guide your decisions.

Soul Sparks

What makes you, well... you? Examine the role of personality traits and sparks using Disney/Pixar's Soul as our guide!

Me, Myself and I

Read an autobiography then write your own. You have a story to tell!

Coming Soon