In the Middle East, one of the harshest environments on Earth, a small tribe rose up to create one of history's largest and most significant empires built around their new religion - Islam. The civilization went on to expand far beyond their desert into Persia, Africa and Europe. 

PowerPoint Presentations

From an disconnected group of tribes wandering through the desert to a powerful empire unified around one religion. How did that happen?

Like all empires before it the Islamic Empire began to grow through conquest. Let's see what happened in Persia, North Africa and Spain.

Unlike other empires before it, the Islamic Empire expanded in many ways other than conquest. How did they do it?

Lessons and Activities

1. Arabia Walkthru - A simple activity where students go through a series of pictures, maps and charts to introduce them to Arabia.

2. Conversion Factor - A narrative based lab where students play the role of a time-traveler crossing the Islamic Empire. Throughout they will be confronted with the different ways Islam spread. Teacher script.

3. DFTT: The Caravan - An investigation into a mysterious crash site in the desert. What happened to the caravan? Teacher script and Student Guide Sheet included.

4. HA: Crusade Perspectives - Two short readings about an event from the Crusades one from the Christian perspective and one from the Muslim. How are they different?

5. Culture Shock: Ascendancy - Life in the desert must have been boring. Lets experience what the Arabians did for fun!

6. History Mystery: Halite - Students investigate the value of the mysterious mineral known as halite (commonly known as salt) to determine if it was worth it's weight in gold. 

7. Griot Lab - Fun little activity where groups make songs about their group members to simulate creating oral histories in Africa.