7.2 Arabia and the Empire of Islam

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Arabia and Islam Lecture Notes

I. Geography and Technology

a. Arabia, obviously, was greatly influenced by its geography so significant time is spent here. It also helps set the stage for the fact that this unit is not in Europe unlike all of them were first semester. This section uses a few clips from Lawrence of Arabia to give students a more lively sense of the area.

b. Arabia Walkthru

II. Muhammad and the Growth of Islam

a. Sets up the background of Islam by telling the story of Muhammad. A very basic primer of Islamic beliefs is included.

b. Culture Shock: Arabia

4 shocks are included here. 1 involves designing a home for a harsh environment. The 2nd is playing some Arabian math games. 3rd is a four quarters picture analysis. Finally there is a retelling of the story of Arabian Nights.

III. Technology

a. Examines how Arabian technology made the desert livable and set them ahead of Europe in many ways.

b. Lab - none.