A to Z Book

A-Z History Book

400 XP


Your Task: Create a book explaining 24 terms, people, places or ideas from a given historical time period. Each page will consist of a single word starting with a letter from the alphabet, a graphic, and a short explanation of the term. This should be completed with a partner.


1. Stack 7 pieces of white paper then fold them in half.

2. On the front cover design a title page.

3. On the next two pages create a table of contents.

4. On each of the 2 panels of the remaining pages:

a. Beginning with the letter “A” choose a term from the unit that begins with that letter. Example: If the page is ‘J’ and this was the unit on Asia you might choose “Japan”. You may choose any two letters to skip if you want (Q and X most likely!)

b. Write the term in big, colorful letters on the top or bottom of the page.

c. Write at least 3 sentences explaining what the term means.

d. Draw and color a picture to go along with your term. This could be a map, chart or your own drawing.


5. On the back page create a back cover for your book with a short summary of what is found inside.