Board Game

Board Game

40 points (Up to 2 people)


Your Task: Create a board game themed around a particular history topic. You will need to create a list of 20 facts, rules, game pieces, cards, the board and anything else needed to play your game. You should use color throughout your design.


1. [Day 1] Write a list of at least 20 important facts from this unit (you may do more) on a piece of paper. These facts must be used in your game in some way.

2. [Day 2] Sketch out the look and design of your game.

3. [Day 2] Write the instructions for your game.

4. [Day 2] Create any cards or pieces that will be needed for your game. The pieces should not just be little scraps of paper with words on it. Make them stand up!

5. [Day 2/3] Test out playing your game using the exact instructions you wrote.

6. [Day 3/4] On a large poster board which you will provide create your game board. All Lines should be neat, spaces should be equal sized, and the art should reflect the time period. It needs to look amazing!