Create a Crossword

Create a Crossword

20 points / 90 minutes


Your Task: Create a crossword puzzle using important people, places, events, and vocabulary from this unit.


1. On a regular sheet of paper, create a list of 20 important people, places, events, or vocabulary from the unit.

2. Make sure these terms are spelled correctly and have the correct number of letters.

3. Create a clue for each word (this can be a detail, a question, a definition, etc.).

4. Still on your own paper, begin writing the words out in various crisscross combinations.

5. Once you have something you like make note of which words go across and which words go down. Separate the clues into across clues and down clues.

6. After you have completed all the steps above, show them to your teacher.

7. On a new clean sheet of paper draw the boxes and clues as neatly as possible. Do not fill in the answers in the boxes.

8. Design your paper with a title and a picture somewhere the represents the topic of the puzzle.