Game On!

Game on!

50 XP / 25 minutes


Your task: Create a game that could be played in the civilization we just studied. Be sure to think about what materials would be available and the geography of where you would play the game. There’s a reason ice hockey is popular in Canada!


1. At the top of your paper give your game a name and write where it will be played.

2. Next, write out a basic description of the game and the basic rules. Make sure to include all the rules needed to play the game. (Who goes first? How do you keep score? When does it end? Etc.)

3. Describe the equipment you would need and what it would be made out of.

4. Draw a quick sketch of your game being played. This can be just a very simple drawing.


Lizard Darts (African Desert)

A very simple game you can play with your friends. Just find a lizard in the sand and throw it tail-first at a tree. If it sticks in the tree you get a point!


· 10 minute time limit (or quit when it gets too hot)

· Everyone plays at the same time, as soon as you catch a lizard you can throw it. No need to take turns.

· Each lizard that sticks is worth 1 point.

· If you throw it head-first you are disqualified (that would just be mean!)

· No special equipment is required. You can make gloves out of… well, nothing I guess, you’re in the desert. Just hope the lizard doesn’t bite!