200 XP / 90 minutes


Your task: Write a fictional short story that includes vocabulary and historical events from a given unit. This story can be set in any time period and be about anything (if you want to write about time traveling vampire-robot-ninja-pirates, go for it!) but must be a complete story with setting, characters and conflict.

Your HiStory must include:

o At least 5 paragraphs including a beginning, middle and end.

o At least 10 key terms or ideas from the historical unit.

o References to these terms that help your read understand what they are

and what they mean. (Naming one of your characters “Constantine” does

not count as using the key term!)

o All the key elements of a story (characters, setting, conflict, detail)

o A general storyline that makes sense (fantasy is fine but the story itself

should have a solid plot)

o A rough draft

o A final draft done in ink with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.