200 XP / 90 minutes


Your task: Follow the directions and templates on the following pages to create an iPhone for a historical figure.


1.Fold a paper in half (the short-way, taco/hamburger style) and copy this outline of an iPhone onto the right side of the paper. Include the App boxes and App names. This will be the cover of your project.

2.Across the top of the iPod write the person’s name such as “Julius Caesar's iPhone.”

3.Create a colored icon for each of the Apps on the iPod.

4.Draw a background image appropriate for this person.

5.Divide the back side of the paper into six boxes.

6.In each box complete one of the following:

a. Clock: Write the year the person was born, the year they died and the year of one other significant event in their life.

b. Map: Draw and color a map of this person's civilization including all major geographic features.

c. Notes: Write 3 facts about the person in complete sentences.

d. Contacts: List two other historical figures this person was involved with. Explain how they are connected.

e. Calendar: Write out 5 things this person might do in a day.

f. Photos: Draw and color a picture representing the person.

7.When complete fold your paper in half and put your name on the back.