Introduction Speech

Introduction Speech

100 XP / 45 minutes


Your task: Often when a famous person is about to give a speech they are first introduced by someone else with a short speech. Write and recite a short introduction speech for a famous figure.

Your speech must:

-Be about 1 minute in length (approximately 2 paragraphs written should do it).

-Include key details and information about the figure.

-Be inspiring (if you are introducing Constantine you’d likely want to leave out the fact that he was suspected of killing his wife.)

-Make the person sound important.

After writing your speech meet with your teacher to set up a time to present it to the class.


Ladies and gentlemen of Rome, it is my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who rose up in our time of need. This is a man who can and will save the Roman Empire. He is not just a squabbling senator; no, he is a warrior! What other man do you know who killed an elephant?! This is the man who led the Roman army to victory time and time again. He conquered Gaul and grew our mighty land all the way to the Atlantic Ocean! This is the man who out of the goodness of his heart adopted his nephew Octavius as his own son.

Today I am proud to introduce the only Roman leader who truly cares about you – the people. He got rid of the awful, wasteful Republic and replaced it with the new and mighty Empire and the one person who could hold it all together. Ladies and gentleman, here he is, JULIUS CAESAR!!!