Invitation to a Historical Event

100 XP / 45 minutes


Your Task: If you’ve ever been invited to a party, you’ve probably received an invitation. It probably told you where the party was located, when the party would start and end, why the party was happening, and what to bring. Create an invitation to an important historical event from the unit.

Instructions: Like any party invitation, include the following elements:

  1. “What?” – What historical event are they being invited to (at the top of the page)?

  2. “Where?” – Where was it located (maybe draw a map)?

  3. “When?” – What time (date) did the event happen?

  4. “Why?” – Why should people come to see this event?

  5. “What to bring?” – What should a person bring to this event in order to participate in it?

  6. “R.S.V.P.” – Who should you contact in order to tell them you’re coming and how would such contact happen in the time period?

  7. Use colorful lettering and at least two pictures.