Letters Home

Letters Home

200 XP / 90 minutes


Your task: In the past people rarely left the village in which they were born. They would live, work and die without ever travelling more than a couple miles. Imagine you were one of the lucky few people from the unit who was able to travel away from home. Maybe you were going off to war, to visit a major city or were going on a trade journey. Write a series of letters back to your family to tell them about what you see and what happens to you over a period of time.


1. Write six letters to your family about different things you see and experience on your journey.

a. Each letter must be at least a complete paragraph and each on their own paper.

b. Each should be formatted like a proper letter (dear X, sincerely Y, etc.)

c. Each of the six letters should cover a different topic from the culture, here are some ideas you might use:

i. A great building you see.

ii. An invention you might come across.

iii. A religious festival or ritual you get to participate in.

iv. A class of person you’ve never seen before (like a noble or warrior.)

v. An interesting geographic feature like a specific mountain or river.

vi. A battle you participate in.

vii. A game or activity you witness or participate in.

d. Remember, you are seeing these things for the first time and your family has never seen them so you’ll need to use great detail.

2. Create a cover sheet that includes your name and include it with your letters.