Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover

200 XP / 90 minutes


Your Task: Read the section assigned by your teacher then represent the information as the cover of a magazine. This final result should look clean and artistic like a magazine cover (colorful block letters, quality artwork, etc.) but first you must create a non-colored rough draft. The page can be laid out however you choose but must include ALL of the following:

1. The title of the section.

2. All key terms from the section along with a short definition.

3. The main people involved in this section and what they did.

4. Two statements/sentences copied directly from the textbook that you found interesting.

5. Two questions you make up that are answered in this section.

6. At least 2 graphics (drawings, maps, graphs, symbols, cartoons, Venn diagrams, graphic organizers, etc.) These should tie in with the sentences you chose in number four.

7. A personal response/opinion - a comment, a connection, or an interpretation. (This reminds me of… I feel that… This makes me think…)

8. Your name in the lower right corner.

9. When you are finished, number the parts 1-8 of your paper using the numbers above and show it to your teacher. If you are missing any numbers you are not finished!

10. Create a final draft of your magazine cover using ink and color. It must look like a magazine cover not just like a list of answers! You must have both a rough and final draft.