400 Points


Your task: Whenever we learn new things our brain makes connections to other things we already know. You will create a visual map that shows how your brain connects the terms from a given unit. You end result will be something like a web. Make your map look unique and artistic.


1. Create a list of 20 things (people, places, ideas, inventions, etc.) for the topic.

2. Create a rough draft of your mind map.

a. On a regular paper write the title of the unit in a bubble in the middle of the page.

b. Draw another bubble with one of the words from your list of 20 connected to the first bubble anywhere on the page.

c. Draw another bubble with another word. Connect it either to the first bubble or to the other word. (If they are related in some way).

d. Continue adding bubbles and connections until all 20 words are in a bubble and connected to some other bubble.

e. Look over your map and add a second connection for each bubble. EACH BUBBLE MUST CONNECT TO AT LEAST 2 OTHER BUBBLES!

3. Write your own definitions for 10 of the 20 words from your list in a complete sentence.

4. Choose any 10 connections you made on your map and explain why you made them in 1-2 complete sentences each. (Tell me how those two items are related other than “they both came from the same place”.) Number these 1-10 and write the number on the connection line.

5. On a large piece of construction paper create the final draft of your mind map.

a. If needed, rearrange your bubbles so connection lines can be as straight as possible.

b. Draw each bubble and word neatly. Use different colors throughout (you may choose to have your colors represent certain things, if you do be sure to include a legend showing this.)

c. Draw 5 pictures on your mind map which match up with either the words in the bubbles or the connections.