Movie Madness

Movie Madness

200 XP / 90 minutes


Your task: Imagine this unit had been made into a Hollywood produced movie. Design the movie poster that you would use to advertise the movie and write a critique of the movie.


Part 1: Movie Poster

1. Draw and color your poster on a full page of white paper.

2. Include:

a. An image or scene that represents the unit.

b. A made-up title that makes the unit sound exciting.

c. The actors in the movie and the characters they would be playing.

Part 2: The Written Critique

1. Write your critique on a separate sheet of lined paper.

2. Your critique must be at least 3 full paragraphs.

a. Paragraph 1 must summarize the major events of the unit.

b. Paragraph 2 must summarize the main people from the unit.

c. Paragraph 3 must give your opinion on the events of the unit. (Was it boring? Was it exciting? What mistakes were made? What could they have done differently to make it better?) Include a rating of the unit out of four stars and explain why you would rate it that way.