Paperbag Puppet

Paper Bag Puppet

200 XP / 90 minutes


Your Task: Write a 2 paragraph biography of a historical figure along with a list of 10 statements he/she might say. Then create a puppet of that person.


1. Research the assigned historical figure using your textbook, your notes, library or class books, or the internet.

2. Write a 2 paragraph biography of your historical figure which includes:

a. their lifestyle

b. where they lived and

c. why they were important historically.

3. Write10 statements this person would have said. These can be taken directly from speeches they gave or can be invented based on what you have learned about the person.

4. Create the historical figure’s face (either drawn or in layers of cut out of construction paper) and attach to the top flap of the paper lunch sack.

5. Create clothing (that fits the time period) and attach to the front of the paper bag.

+++Your puppet must clearly represent the historical figure+++

(If your Roman soldier looks like a Chinese woman there’s a problem.)