Personal Pyramid

Personal Pyramid

100 XP / 45 Mins



Your Task: Pyramids were structures built to honor the dead. They were big and beautifully designed to show the importance of the person. Create your own pyramid with information for a historical figure.


1. Carefully trace the template on the back of this page (or if your teacher is super rich you can ask for them to print one out for you.)

2. Follow these directions for each face of the pyramid:

a. On one triangle neatly draw and color a picture or symbol that represents the person or something important he or she did. No stick figures!

b. On one triangle write three facts about the person using complete sentences. Be sure to include the most important things the person is known for.

c. On one triangle artistically write three words that could describe the person.

d. On one triangle write a quotation that the person said or might have said.

e. On the square write the person’s name, the unit name, and your name.

3. Lightly color and decorate your pyramid. Each side should look good!

4. Cut out around the outside of the template. Do not cut off any of the boxes.

5. Fold along each of the black lines on the template. Fold each piece about half-way back and you’ll see how the pyramid will come together. Tape or glue the sides together to create your pyramid.