100 XP / 45 minutes


Your task: Imagine you were a specific person living in the time of the current unit. Imagine how you might respond to seeing the items below.


1.Write what person or type of person you are. (For example, Gladiator, Knight, Charlemagne, A Mayan Warrior, Japanese Court Lady, etc.)

2.Choose five of the items/things below that your person would have an opinion on.

-Nike shoes -An iPod with modern music -A female president -Your weekly chores

-Disneyland -All-You-Can-Eat Buffet -A history Textbook -Public school

-A tank -A helicopter -Your Shirt -A Laptop

-Army Soldier -Statue of Liberty -Cell phone -Stater Brothers

3.You may choose other modern objects or ideas that are not on this list if you wish.

4.Write three or four sentences for each object you choose that explain how the person would view the object or what they would think about it.

5.Write these as first-person sentences that show some information about the person and their civilization.