History Play

200 XP (Up to 3 people) / 90 mins


Your task: Write and act out a 3-5 minute play about a specific historic event. You will include a background for scenery (either drawn or projected) and any necessary props.


1. Write a script that includes all lines of dialogue, narration, scene descriptions and stage directions.

a. Your play must be about a specific event in history - get approval of your idea from your teacher before you begin writing.

b. It cannot include any action scenes. You may set up your scene to take place immediately before or after a battle but do not waste my time running around the room with paper swords.

c. Some jokes are ok but your focus should be on providing information and feeling.

d. When you perform it must be 3 to 5 minutes long - that usually means 3-5 pages of a written script.

2. Create the props, costumes and background for your play.

a. Props should be period accurate. I don't want to see cannons in a play about Rome.

b. The background can be created on butcher paper or projected on the board from the computer.

c. Costumes should at least make it seems like I'm not looking at 3 kids from the 21st century.

3. Perform your play.

a. You may not have your scripts with you - memorize your lines!

b. Plays less than 3 minutes will not receive credit.