Recipe for a Civilization

100 XP / 45 minutes


Your Task: Write a “recipe” for the creation of a particular

historical culture or civilization. Include the “ingredients” that went into forming that

civilization and any special instructions for bringing them together.

You Must:

-Include at least two people

-Include at least 10 total ingredients

-Write out at least 5 step-by-step directions for creating the civilization


Roman Empire Salad


1 Ambitious General (Julius Caesar)

100 Senators

Barbarian enemies

1 Large Mixing European Continent

1 Angry Nephew (Octavius)

1 scared population

Thousands of trained soldiers

1 Conspiracy

29 Knives

1 Prideful Senator (Cassius)

1. In the Large Mixing European Continent add the Barbarian enemies to the scared population and the 100 Senators.

2. After letting them mix for about 10 years it will begin to boil - add the Ambitious General and the Thousands of trained soldiers. These will calm the mixture and stop the boiling.

3. After stewing for a few months you will have 1 Prideful Senator.

4. Take the Prideful Senator out and mix it with 1 Conspiracy and 29 knives.

5. After letting that new mixture sit for awhile mix it back in with the rest of the ingredients.

6. At this point the Ambitious General will be completely dissolved into the mixture, you are almost done!

7. Add the Angry Nephew to the dish.

8. The Angry Nephew will mix with the thousands of trained soldiers to dissolve the remaining ingredients. While all the flavors will mix together the Angry Nephew will be the strongest spice. Inside your Large Mixing European Continent you will be left with a Roman Empire Salad!