Remote Control

Remote Control

100 XP / 45 minutes


Your task: Create a 3-night Prime-Time TV schedule for a channel about the current unit by coming up with TV shows that would reflect their culture.


1. Create a TV Guide chart on your own paper using the template below.

a. Create a title for your channel in the top section.

b. Create six TV shows that would be on your channel.

c. For each show indicate what type of show it would be (game show, reality, comedy, etc.)

2. Write show descriptions for 4 of your shows you created above. These descriptions must be at least three sentences and include historical information and facts related to the show. An example is provided below.


Ridezz: Chariotz (Reality): Join our host Ben Hur as he travels Rome looking for the hottest Chariots. This week Ben finds a tricked out racing chariot actually used in the Circus Maximus. You won’t believe the amazing (and maybe illegal) additions made to this ride!