5 points / 25 minutes


Your task: Create a graphic organizer to help make sense of a primary source.

Instructions: Copy and complete the following chart in complete sentences (at least two per sections) on your own paper. You should respond to the primary source your teacher assigns you.

Source - Describe the source itself. What type of document is it? Who created it? What do you know about the creator?

Occasion - Describe the historical situation surrounding the document. When and where was it created? What else was happening in the civilization at that time?

Audience - Who was this document created for? What do you know about them?

Purpose - Why was it created? Was it written to provide facts, to entertain, or to convince people? What does this tell you about how believable the document is?

Summary and Significance - Write a three-sentence summary of the document. Make sure to include why it was important or significant.