Social Network

Social Network

200 XP / 90 minutes


Your task: Create the layout of a social network page for a historical figure. You do not actually have to create the page online, just a model of what it would look like drawn out on a piece of paper.


Create each part listed below as a rough draft. Number them on your paper.

1. The person’s name and a nickname that shows what they are known for.

2. The person’s picture.

3. The time period and location the person lived in.

4. An “about me” section that summarizes the person’s life in at least 2 paragraphs.

5. 1 “blog” where the person writes his/her opinion about an event that happened during his/her lifetime in at least 2 paragraphs.

6. Comments from at least 2 “friends” talking about this person’s life.

7. A status update showing the most important thing the person has done. “Charlemagne is uniting Europe”

8. A “likes” section detailing what things this person would enjoy (books, music, activities, etc.)

9. Show your paper to your teacher for approval. Make sure each piece is numbered.

10. Create a final draft on a clean sheet of white paper or on the computer. It should be neatly layed out, organized and colored.