200 XP / 90 Mins


Your task: Imagine you were going to make a movie about a specific person or event in history. Before filming a movie a director first makes a storyboard which maps out the story on paper which is called a storyboard. You will be making a storyboard (not a movie!)


1. For the person or event you are storyboarding think of the 5 most important parts.

2. For each of the 5 parts think about the setting, the characters, and the things that would be said.

3. Create your storyboard for each of the 5 parts.

a. Each part must have a written description of the place, time and people involved.

b. It also must summarize the action in the scene in a paragraph.

c. Each part must also have a drawing which represents what you would be seeing if this scene were filmed.

4. Make sure your storyboard is so clear that anyone could follow the directions to create your movie.

**Remember, you have five scenes to complete and they should be in the order that they would be in a real movie about the subject.**