Textbook Remix

Textbook Remix

400 points (with a partner)


Your Task: We all know how awful our textbook can be so take the opportunity to fix it! You will create a section of a textbook that explains a portion of the unit. It must include all aspects of a typical history textbook like headings, graphics, maps, vocabulary, and review questions.


1. Create a four page section of a textbook based on a topic from history. I want it to look like a textbook! I suggest you select one day of notes and use that as your starting point for your topic.

2. Before you start writing thinking about how you will arrange your section. Think about section headings, where you might include pictures and the order of the material.

3. On the top of the first page include the title of the section in large lettering then begin step 4.

4. Each page must be a full sheet of white paper (one side only) and contain at least:

a. two paragraphs of written information in your own words. Do not copy from the notes or book.

b. two graphics (maps, drawings, charts, timelines, etc. – you may look at your book for examples.)

5. Across the four pages you must also include at least:

a. three vocabulary words with definitions. These should stand out in some way (your textbook bolds and highlights them for example.)

b. one quote from another source with an MLA citation.

6. On the bottom half of the last page write five good review questions (the answers should require more than one word!) about the section you just wrote.