Time Machine

Time Machine

10 points / 45 minutes


Your task: Imagine you (yes you) were transported back in time to the unit we are studying. Read the questions below and write your answers as if you were really there. You will have to do some research either in the books or on the computer to answer many of these.

Instructions: Answer the questions below on your own paper in 3-5 sentences each after completing your research. Some suggestions on what to talk about are given in parentheses after each question.

1. What would a person like you spend most of his or her time doing in this civilization? (Would you be in school? What would you study there? Working? What job would you have? Playing? What games?)

2. Draw or describe in words what clothing you would wear. (What would it be made out of? Do you think it would be comfortable?)

3. Describe some of the foods you would eat.

4. Describe where would a person like you be living? (Would you be living with your family? With co-workers? With a husband or wife? What would your house be like?)

5. Based on your answers and research would you want to go back in time to live in this civilization? Why or why not?

6. Where did you get your information? (List the books or websites used.)