Top Ten

Top Ten

50 XP / 25 minutes


Your Task: Create a list contributions and achievements of a civilization and then rank them.


1. Create a list of 10 achievements, people, inventions, events and/or ideas from a civilization.

2. Rewrite your list in order of importance with your top item being the most important down to ten being the least important.

3. For each item write one sentence explaining why you ranked it where you did. (That would be 10 total sentences.) These can either be part of your ranking list or in a separate section at the bottom of your list.


Rome Top 10

1. Christianity – This religion not only defined the later Roman Empire it continues to be a greater influence in the world today than anything else Rome did.

2. Barbarians – These non-Latin speaking Europeans were the reason the empire was conquered.

3. Constantine – As the empire’s last truly great Emperor he managed to reunite the provinces and installed Christianity as the official religion.

4. Julius Caesar – It was Caesar’s ambition and death that led to the beginning of the empire period.

5. Aqueducts – Without this technology Rome couldn’t have grown as big as it did.

6. Republic – Rome as a republic was a model for the United States government.

7. Latin – The Roman language became the basis for many major modern languages.

8. Citizenship – Roman ideas of the role and rights of a citizen have continued today in many ways.

9. Gladiators – While interesting, gladiators didn’t really have much a lasting impact on Rome.

10. Pompeii – Though Pompeii has provided great information for historians it didn’t have much impact on Rome itself.