Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide

100 XP / 45 Mins


Your task: Choose one of the five Highways of History and compare it among two

civilizations that we have studied by drawing two pictures.


1. Fold a blank paper in half.

2. Along the top of each half write the name of the civilization in big, colorful letters.

3. Along the bottom of the page in the middle write what highway (geography, society, technology, government or economics) you are comparing.

4. On each side of the paper draw and color a picture that shows the highway for the civilization you have picked.

a. The picture should take up most of the half page if not all of it.

b. The two pictures should highlight the differences between the civilizations.

5. On the back of your paper write a short paragraph explaining how the two civilizations are similar or different in this highway.