Teach like a PIRATE

Post date: Sep 29, 2013 2:32:04 PM

Teach like a PIRATE (Book)

I came across this book twice in the same day after having never heard of it before. That was a clear sign for me to buy it. It covers the topic of engagement which my readers should know is incredibly important to all teachers in my opinion. The book shares that view. It is an easy read (easily finished in a few days) but provides great depth of information. It is largely about the philosophy behind teaching like a PIRATE but also includes some concrete examples.

For the most part the author wants you to do the work of being creative. There are numerous brainstorming activities to get you to find what will work best for your students and your curriculum. While I like this idea quite a bit I would have still loved to have more explanation of his lessons specifically. The author is very responsive via e-mail so that option is there but I do like to take away something concrete.

That small criticism aside the book is a must-read in my view. It will join my "essentials" list along with Everything Bad is Good for You, The Essential 55 and The Global Achievement Gap. Don't miss it!