Escape from Batuu

In this mostly digital escape room students use their knowledge of markets (demand, supply, equilibrium, failures, etc.) to free two Jedi trapped by the Empire! All of the files you need to play the game are included here. If you wish to add the "real life" component you will need some additional supplies and set up which will be addressed at the end of this plan.

This may seem like a lot of setup, and it is. It is well worth the effort. Plus, I did most of the hard work already. You don't have to make the puzzles, files or videos. You just update some links, set up some locks in your room and have a great day of teaching!



-Escape from Batuu game file (Google Slides)

-Escape from Batuu bonus physical lock puzzle (Google Slides)

-Escape from Batuu bonus printed puzzle (Google Slides)

-Escape from Batuu Clues (Google Forms, Google does not currently allow copy links for Google Forms, so CONTACT ME IF YOU'D LIKE YOUR OWN COPY!)

-Escape from Batuu Story Intro (Video, optional)

Set Up:

-MAKE A COPY of the Puzzle Clues Google Form. (Email me for a link!)

-Update the Puzzle Clues link on slide 2 with the link to the newly copied Google Form. If you do not do this then student responses will go to me. You will never see them. The game can still function, but you will not be able to see student work or update anything on the Form. Make a copy and update the link! 

-Provide presentation links to the Batuu game file by replacing "Copy" in the URL with "Preview" 

Change :   to

-Prepare the class computer with sound and projection to play the Title Card and Story Intro.


Play the Title Card and Story Intro video on the class screen.




That said, I highly recommend adding a physical component to end your Escape Room/Breakout games. It adds a sense of excitement and energy as teams race to complete the final puzzles.  

First, you will need a locked box with a 4 number combination lock. The combination to that lock should be found in the digital puzzle that students gain access to once they've solved the initial 7 puzzles on the Google Form. I always put that extra puzzle in the response box on the form (as you can see in the Form now.) In this case, the puzzle lock is set to 1342. Students find the answer by reviewing the puzzle clue on the Google Form response page.

Once they've opened the box students will find the printed bonus puzzle. It contains a clue in Aurebesh. Students will need to look up an online translator to decode it.

When they have, they come to you and speak the required messages.

They say: Bright suns traveler!

You say: Ignite the spark!

They say: Light the fire! (This is the secret Aurebesh message.)

Closing with this excitement leaves students more willing to debrief and discuss the puzzles and learning from the game. That should be your final closing.