How to Play

After completing the set up there isn't much more to running the lesson.

I provide students with a printed copy of the Analysis Guide for the game and briefly explain how the game works. The instruction text is on the opening page for each game but it is worth reviewing.

-Read the story as you play.

-Make choices by clicking on appropriate links as you play.

-The best choice is always whatever really happened in history.

-Keep track of the number of times you hit a "Game Over" screen.

-Answer the questions on your Analysis Guide at the end of each level.

I give them the link to the starter slide as I explained in the Set Up instructions and that's it.

As a teacher the days where I run Time Warps are basically the easiest for me out of any. I give them the link and they do the rest. I get to walk around and talk to them about their decisions. Engagement is never a problem. If your students play individually it will often be pin-drop quiet in class. Every student plays, though admittedly, not every student does the writing part! The silence was certainly not my intent. I expected a bit more energy but they are just so sucked into the game that it is a natural by-product.

To add a bit more energy you can have your students play in small groups. When they do I force them to agree on their decisions. This adds some great discussion and debate to the game experience and I would highly recommend it. I usually have them play the first game individually and then in groups for the rest of the year. It is definitely louder and more energetic!

Close class with a discussion of their experiences being sure to summarize the key content in each level. Done!