Ninjas are awesome! Legends tell us ninjas were invisible assassins who could do superhuman things like run on water or climb up shear walls. It seems that ninjas would spread rumors like this about themselves to strike fear into their enemies as an early form of psychological warfare. So, should be we believe what we've heard about ninjas? Let's weigh the evidence and find out!

*Video exhibits are not included for copyright reasons. Sources you may want to use are the Myth Busters episode on ninjas, Unsolved History's ninja episode, and/or a clip from a Hollywood movie involving ninjas.

WTE: Ninjas Presentation File - This presentation is designed to run in PowerPoint. Click the link, download the file and run it through PowerPoint. It will work with Google Slides but some of the presentation elements will be lost and text formatting may not be quite right.

WTE: Ninjas Digital Analysis Guide - Students can complete the lab using paper but here is a digital option as well. This helps keeps things organized and saves the headache of dealing with math at the end of the lab as the Google Sheet will tabulate scores automatically.

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