The Maya Files

History Mystery - The Maya Files

Could the ancient civilization of the Maya been wiped out by aliens? It may sound crazy but there are many strange pieces of evidence that make it a possibility. Complete the following lab to find out more.

Your task is to fill out your investigation journal as you analyze each exhibit.


Investigation Journal

*The skulls exhibit is not included. In it we use a series of pictures of Mayan skulls, pictures of Mayan gods and pictures of "typical" alien heads along with short captions to introduce the idea that maybe Mayans shaped their heads like they did to match alien visitors.

Want to know the background info on the case? Watch this intro video.

Exhibit H: Demarest Interview

The clip below is taken from an episode of Warriors from The History Channel. I highly, highly recommending buying it to support more programming like this being made. It is a fantastic set with plenty to add to any world history course.